About Lorie Marsh

Abstract * Architecture * Travel * Nature Photographer

Choose your perspective, change your life.

I see Life as an epic story, and I'm the Hero of mine. As the Creator of my life story, I know that my Wants fuel my choices and the momentum of my soul's evolution, so I do my best to be intentional with them. My Hero wants to be seen and valued as an artist. Presenting my photography on this site is one way I'm showing up to connect with my purpose and my tribe of fellow souls thrilling to the kaleidoscopic human experience.

Life is a story. You are the Hero. Your superpower is Choice.

Lorie works with art consultants, designers, wellness professionals, and private collectors to provide photography art for their collections. She is available for commissioned, one-of-a-kind projects and collaborations creating abstract visuals that tell stories of the unexpected.

For licensing or commissions, please contact her directly at hi@loriemarsh.com.